Where are your products made? We started out very small, handmaking all products in the kitchen of our home. As we began to grow that was no longer feasible, so we formulate all of our products in our small production space in Sulphur Springs, Tx.


Why tallow? Grass-fed tallow is a rendered form of beef or animal fat processed from suet. We use only the best grass-fed beef for our products. You might be surprised to find out that grass-fed tallow has a composition extremely close to that of our human cells. It absorbs effortlessly and helps maintain the elasticity and integrity of your skin. Grass-fed tallow also contains vitamins A, D, K, and E which are not found in plants, and plants happen to be a primary source for many other moisturizers. In addition, the fats contained in tallow have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, so go ahead and treat your skin to the magical benefits of tallow!


Are your products Vegan? All of our products are vegan with the exception of the facial and body butters which contain tallow.


Why do you only use glass jars? Glass has the ability to really preserve the integrity of our formulations. The potency of the formulations would diminish much more quickly if stored in plastic, because plastic is porous.


Are all of your products truly natural? Yes! We use the finest natural food-grade ingredients we can find. This includes herbs, butters, tallow, clay, sea salts, and natural oils.


What is the shelf life of your products? We do not use any chemical preservatives so they will typicaly last anywhere from 12-24 months because of the way they are formulated. Think of it as less ingredients = less spoiling. Someday all skincare will leave out the water and include essential oils and you’ll think this is normal. In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not at its freshest point, please email us so we can handle on a case-by-case basis.


Do you do any animal testing? No way!! We love animals and would never do anything to harm a living creature. We are Leaping Bunny certified and we do not purchase from suppliers who are unable to prove that they are also cruelty-free.


My cream arrived frozen/melted. Is it ruined? Not at all! If melted just throw it in the fridge or freezer (we recommend freezer). It will re-solidify and stay that way when you take it out. If frozen just give it a couple of hours to thaw.


What is your return policy? It’s simple — if you are not 100% satisfied with one of our products, we will create a solution for you., simply send us an email at returns@simplywellness.net.


Are your products made in the US? Yes, all of our products are made in our small production facility in Sulphur Springs, Tx.


Have any additional questions? Simply send us an email at info@simplywellness.net.


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