Simply Blue Full Body/Hair Mask


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  • 6 oz glass jar
  • Activated Charcoal + Blue Green Algae

Earth, Fire, Air, Water – In ancient Hinduism, these four elements are associated with the five senses and act as the medium for the experience of sensations. The basest element, earth is created using all the other elements, can be perceived by all five senses – hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The next higher element, water, has no odor but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. Next comes fire, which can be heard, felt and seen. Air can be heard and felt. There is a fifth element that is a little more ethereal called Void that is sometimes referred to as self or consciousness so as you let the air dry this full body masque, incorporate the fifth element by relaxing, meditating and letting your consciousness drift.

*Pink Clay (earth)

*Kaolin Clay (earth)

*Activated Charcoal Powder – (represents fire)

*Pomegranate Powder – (represents water)

*Blue Green Algae Powder (represents water)


The Real Deal

Everything we create contains the finest organic all-natural and food grade ingredients. We are LEAPING BUNNY certified and take pride that all of our products are made with NO animal testing. All of our oils are cold pressed or steam distilled, the best extraction methods available for premium quality oils. All products are free from chemicals that harm, damage and AGE the skin – organic – 100% natural – no chemicals – paraben free – no synthetic fragrance – hypoallergenic – no propylene glycol or derivatives – no sulphates – no water. We trust in the perfection of nature to give your skin the nutrients it deserves. It’s time to get back to that bare-faced natural glow. Feel free to use any of our products on babies, they are that safe. Handcrafted in small batches and made with love in the USA.


Featured Ingredients


Blue Green Algae: Our organic blue green algae comes from the Klamath Falls in Oregon. It is the purest, most nutrient intact algae available in the world. It is a wild harvested organic certified single celled organism which occurs in the remote area in the Oregon Cascade Mountains. It is highly bio-available and contains a full spectrum of minerals, chlorophyll, B Vitamins, Beta-Carotene, Pro Vitamin A, Lipids, enzymes, essential amino acids, nucleic acids, DHA and EPA fatty acids.


Activated Charcoal Clarifying Powder: Its purpose is to help trap the toxins that are in the body so that they can be drawn out or flushed out through other means, in order for your body to stop absorbing them.




Pomegranate Powder: Non-GMO Pomegranates are jam packed with vitamins, but the most important benefits of pomegranates are antioxidants. Pomegranates contain three times as many antioxidants as red wine and green tea making this a powerful ingredient in keeping skin looking its youthful best!



Full Ingredient List

Certified organic Pomegranate powder, Pink clay, Kaolin clay, Activated charcoal powder, Certified organic blue green algae powder, Sodium bicarbonate

For more information regarding our ingredients, please click here.

PS…please do not use this product if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.




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